Sponsored by ILR and Santa Fe College

The ILR-Santa Fe Awards are given to Santa Fe students who participate in the Santa Fe Research in Undergraduate Education program.  RUE is a high profile, interdisciplinary program which can be curriculum-based, or under the direction of a faculty researcher at Santa or the University of Florida.  The program was created at Santa Fe in 2013, and ILR participation commenced shortly thereafter, under the direction of Dr. Bob Porter, an Oak Hammock resident and ILR member.

The ILR Board of Directors designated this year’s ILR competition as the Dr. Bob Porter Santa Fe Poster Competition, in recognition of his longstanding support of this event.

This year, twenty-five Santa Fe students participated in RUE, and presented their research to the Santa Fe faculty for assessment and scoring.  ILR’s three judges also reviewed the presentations and selected seven students to participate as finalists in the ILR Poster Competition.  The ILR judges were Henri Logan, Carol Wynn and Walter Wynn.

On April 23, 2021, the student finalists presented their projects to ILR members and judges.  They presented via Zoom, to the ILR audience who either signed in from home or gathered to participate in-person in the Oak Room at Oak Hammock.  Upon completion of the student presentations, Ron Bern, Chairman of the ILR Board of Directors presented Dr. Bob Porter with a Certificate of Appreciation for his past leadership of this program.

 Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. Porter

As that presentation was taking place, the judges retired to select this year’s winners, who are shown below.