Do I have to live at Oak Hammock to join ILR?2018-05-27T21:36:43-05:00

No. The membership is open to everyone of retirement age regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation.  About half of ILR members are residents of Gainesville and surrounding communities.

Do I have to be retired to join the ILR?2018-05-27T21:34:57-05:00

No, anyone of retirement age is welcome to join.

What are the ILR fees?2018-05-27T21:33:35-05:00

The individual annual membership fee is $20.00 per year.  In addition, there is a $10.00 enrollment fee for each course, up to a maximum of $30.00 for 3 or more courses during the Fall, Winter and Spring courses.  Summer courses are free.

Oak Hammock pays the annual ILR membership fee for its residents.

Who teaches ILR classes?2018-05-29T14:52:00-05:00

Courses are presented by active and retired faculty and staff from the University of Florida and Santa Fe College as well experts in particular fields.

What topics are covered in ILR courses and programs?2018-02-14T02:26:54-05:00

 ILR courses/programs include a wide range of topics including science and technology, literature, history, philosophy, politics, current world/national/local events as well as the visual and performing arts. For more information please refer to the Courses and Programs tab.

How can I access the Oak Hammock campus for my classes?2018-12-10T15:14:51-05:00

Directions and maps to locate the campus and its classrooms appear when you click the “Directions” on the “About Us” tab.  Please be sure to use the main entrance at the intersection of Williston Road and SW 25th Terrance.

Tell the security staff at the gatehouse that you will be attending an ILR class and they will issue you a pass.

Why is the site named “ilr352”?2018-05-29T13:18:40-05:00

ILR seeks to reach all residents of north central Florida and to make its location on the web (i.e., its “name”) as short and as easy to remember as possible.  Although the area code 352 doesn’t perfectly match our target area, it does cover the overwhelming majority of it. Regardless, anyone of retirement age who is interested in  ILR is welcome.